EHiN 2 – session A2: New technology, HoloLens and Robotics!

New technology will change the playing rules in healthcare. In this session we present some technology which will influence the daily workflow in hospitals. Moderator: Merete Lyngstad, Norwegian Nurses Organisation By Ole Jacob Elle (Head of Technology research, The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital HF) and Jørn Skaaraas (Sopra Steria)Future of Health with mixed reality […]

EHiN 2 – F2: Patient Empowerment

By Susie Wagner Bondorf Care professionals’ concerns and empowerment for patients? By Åsa Cajander and Isabella Scandurra In Sweden, a national eHealth service has tested the Patient Accessible Electronic Health Record (PAEHR) since 2012. As of October 2016, it had over 800 000 registered users. Even with this large amount of public registration, the introduction of PAEHR has […]

EHiN 2 – session E2: Integrated healthcare

The moderator for this session is Hilde Lyngstad, Directorate of eHealth. 1. On “One citizen – one patient record” By Are Muri The Norwegian Directorate for Health and the Directorate for eHealth have made their recommendations on how the ambition of “One Patient – One Record” should be  realized. Are Muri will outline current status […]

EHiN 2 – session D2: eMental health

Patient empowerment has grown to be a de facto assumption when healthcare- and welfare services are being developed and eHealth is a well established term. Is this also valid for mental health? Where are we and what experiences do we have from eMental health? We know for a fact that the power of communication and […]

EHiN 2 – session C2: Innovation at the hospital

Telemedicine in ambulances, patient security, and dynamic online interaction in emergency health care. New implementation of technology wil change patient security for the better. Moderator: Sverre Fossen, Norwegian Health Network Telemedicine in ambulances – Improving quality and saving lives By Dirk Peek og Sebastiaan Alves The Health Platform Telemedicine (HPT) connects the doctor in the […]

EHiN 2 – session B2: Predictive Analytics, Precision Medicine

What if…Like in the movie Back To The Future, we could look into the future and make qualified choices based on what we learned and what we know. Well, this is what Predictive Analytics and Precision Medicine is about. More specifically, Precision Medicine is about being able to classify people precisely, based on their susceptibility, […]