EHiN 2 – session D2: eMental health

Patient empowerment has grown to be a de facto assumption when healthcare- and welfare services are being developed and eHealth is a well established term. Is this also valid for mental health? Where are we and what experiences do we have from eMental health?

We know for a fact that the power of communication and motivation using technology is strong, and in this session we will hear about how smart solutions can help people to manage their life with a mental health condition in a better way.

Moderator: Sverre Fossen, Norwegian Health Network

1. Introducing personalized treatment Of Mental health problems using Adaptive Technology.

By Tine Nordgreen

In INTROMAT the researchers aim to develop digital solutions for the prevention and treatment of mental disorders. The project is based on the concept of eMeistring, a concept that offers supervised treatment via the Internet for people who suffer from depression.

2. Shared decision-making

By Øystein Eiring

Optimisation of treatment has been hailed as a vastly more powerful approach to improving patients´ health than any single, new healthcare intervention such as new medications or surgical procedures. DECIDE Treatment is the first longitudinal health optimisation system based on shared decision-making. It has been designed for healthcare providers as well as patients and is based on patient-important in addition to clinical outcomes. Developed with funding from the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Ministry of Health, and the Regional Health Authority of South-Eastern Norway, it allows healthcare personnel and patients to systematically identify and address reasons for suboptimal treatment response. The system features powerful algorithms and state-of-the-art design, and collects data from patients, clinicians and research to estimate, and further optimise, best treatment for the individual patient. DECIDE Treatment subsystems are currently being used or developed for patients with heart disease, bipolar disorder, lung cancer and a number of other conditions.

3. Empowering people to master their own wellbeing.

Annemarije Plaizier, MindDistrict

Minddistrict believes in empowering people to master their own wellbeing. Through smart use of technology we facilitate personalised care which fits seamlessly in patients’ daily lives. Our solution is a secure, easy-to-use, flexible treatment platform with digital interventions that enrich traditional care pathways. The consequence: improved quality and reduced costs.

EHiN 2
Location: EHiN 2, room 2 Date: November 16, 2016 Time: 10:45 - 12:00 Øystein Eiring Tine Nordgreen Annemarije Plaizier