EHiN Future Health – November 15-16 2016
Oslo Spektrum

Vision: Norway will be in front of shaping the future of healthcare.

In 2014 and 2015 the Ministry of Health and IKT-Norge built a national eHealth conference: EHiN – EHealth in Norway. In 2016, EHiN Future Health will be the host for several events. Among them,  European Telemedicine Conference (ETC 2016) in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

EHiN Future Health 2016 is organized with the support of the IT sector as well as the public health sector. Project owners are IKT-Norge and NSE. There will be a broad group of partners from the health care sector and an extended participation from the industry through sponsorship.

November 15th and 16th 2016, EHiN Future Health will be held at Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

IKT-Norge is a non profit vendor organisation, with long experience to bridge the gap between the market and the public sector.

The industry will be represented by both Norwegian and international companies.

Tracks and programme

There will be separate tracks for both EHiN and ETC, though the whole conference and fair will be fully integrated. Attendees will be free to visit any stand and presentation. In addition there will be plenum sessions and the EHiN Future Health 2016 will have a joint opening and an evening dinner with networking possibilities.

The EHiN Future Health 2016 will mostly be presented in English, with some sessions in Norwegian (clearly marked in the program). The website, the program and the app will be in English, with a Norwegian summary available.

Programme Commitee

EHiN Future Health 2016 has several groups coordinating the programme.

Coordinating group:

  • Eli Kristiansen, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Jon Helge Andersen, Directorate for e-health
  • Hilde Rødseth, Macsimum
  • Nard Schreurs, IKT-Norge

Programme committte “EHiN” (three main tracks pluss all plenum sesions):

  • Bård Seiersnes, Helse Sør Øst (Health South East Region)
  • Merete Lyngstad, Sykepleieforbundet (Norwegian Nurses Organisation)
  • Eirik Nicolai Arnesen, Legeforeningen (Norwegian Medical Association)
  • Sverre Fossen, Norsk Helsenett (Norwegian Health Network)
  • Une Tangen, KS (Organisation for the 428 municipalities and 19 counties, as well as approx. 500 public enterprises)
  • Jon Helge Andersen, Direktoratet for e-ehelse (Directorate of eHealth)
  • Fredrik Syversen, IKT-Norge
  • Nard Schreurs, IKT-Norge (leader programme committe)

Programme committee for Personal Connected Health/Velferdsteknologi

  • Jon Helge Andersen (leder av under programkomiteen)
  • KS
  • Leverandørutviklingsprogrammet
  • Hartvig Munthe-Kaas, Medtek Norge
  • Nard Schreurs, IKT-Norge

Are you interested? Please sign up to ehin@ikt-norge.no for more information.


EHiN Future Health 2016 work together with many strategic partners such as the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Health South East region and the City of Oslo.

Our partners are non profit or public organisations who are a part of the organisation, participate in the program committee or just supporting the vision of EHiN Future Health as an ambassador for the event. Partnership does not require any financial contribution.


A sponsorship with EHiN-FH 2016 is for industry partners and will give you opportunities for networking, profile building, brand awareness and business development.

As we know much of the innovation in health comes from the industry, we value there knowledge as high as from the health care sector.

Some sponsor packages include a slot in the program. We do not advocate the idea of “paid content”, but there is a business modell to finance the EHiN conference. As EHiN Future Health 2016 is a visionary event, and not a sales event, we highly recommend sponsors to tell about what technology can contribute to the future of health, and not about their products.

All sponsor content will be marked in the program as such.