EHiN 2 – session E2: Integrated healthcare

The moderator for this session is Hilde Lyngstad, Directorate of eHealth.

1. On “One citizen – one patient record”

By Are Muri

The Norwegian Directorate for Health and the Directorate for eHealth have made their recommendations on how the ambition of “One Patient – One Record” should be  realized. Are Muri will outline current status and the planned way forward.

2. New models of care for population health management

By Jon Develing, NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group

Jon Develing will describe the Wirral Health systems, its challenges and strategy for new models of care, and its implications for leadership within healthcare.

3. – enabling digital services

By Nina Linn Ulstein,, the Directorate for eHealth.

Her portfolio includes working with the Department of Health in England, and the HSE in Ireland.

EHiN 2
Location: EHiN 2, room 2 Date: November 16, 2016 Time: 13:00 - 14:15 Are Muri Jon Develing Nina Linn Ulstein