EHiN 2 – F2: Patient Empowerment

By Susie Wagner Bondorf
Care professionals’ concerns and empowerment for patients?
By Åsa Cajander and Isabella Scandurra
In Sweden, a national eHealth service has tested the Patient Accessible Electronic Health Record (PAEHR) since 2012. As of October 2016, it had over 800 000 registered users. Even with this large amount of public registration, the introduction of PAEHR has been a controversial issue. Healthcare professionals, mainly the physicians, have expressed concerns about the service. The patients, on the other hand, are satisfied with having access to their own health record. A research consortium has studied effects and experiences since the start of the pilot, and this presentation highlights perceptions and knowledge of the healthcare personnel as well as the experiences of the citizens using the service. We will also make a live demo of the service!

EHiN 2
Location: EHiN 2, room 2 Date: November 16, 2016 Time: 14:45 - 16:00 Susie Wagner Bondorf Åsa Cajander Isabella Scandurra