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After last year’s victory in the European Telemedicine Conference: Young Innovators Competition, Rokoko Care has doubled their number of employees and established a subdivision of the business based on their award-winning product. “The great feedback from the industry based jury gave us a real confidence boost”, says last year’s winner Jakob Balslev, Founder and CEO in Rokoko Care.

Positive development
“The feedback from the jury was just what we needed to get the project going on the most effective and fruitful path. Our victory in YIC has definitely been one of the cornerstones in our positive development”, he says.

They use quotes from the jury on their website and Balslev says these are a constant inspiration and reminder of why their work is important and why they are going to succeed.

Treatment through motion capture and animation
Rokoko won last year’s competition with a motion capture suit that allows treating children with autism through animation. “Children with autism open up and communicate with animated characters in a way that they cannot do facing people. The motion capture suit makes is possible to transfer human movements to animated characters in real-time”, says Balslev. The therapist puts on the suit and interacts with the child as an animated character through a video conference. Since this can be done online, the child can stay at home in a comforting environment while meeting with his animated therapist.

The company Rokoko has grown from 8 to 16 employees the last year, and are about to establish Rokoko Care, a subdivision of Rokoko focusing entirely on the treatment through motion capture and animation.

Key advises to success
Balslev is happy to share some great advises with other young tech-innovators.

“Develop your first functional prototype as fast as possible. This allows you to talk about your idea in a much more convincing way and find investors much easier”, he emphasizes. In addition, Balslev says that you should be careful whom you choose as investor/advisors. “They can be the reason you succeed, but they can also be the reason you fail.”

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Last year's winner ETC innovation competition

Rokoko Care won the last year ETC Young Innovation Competition with their motion capture suit.