Workshop: Patients’ digital access to their health record: A service for all?

To increase patients’ empowerment and involvement in their own health, several countries have decided to provide patients with digital access to their health record. The approaches differ between and within countries; in some regions most of the journal is digital accessible for patients and in other regions, only a subset of the journal is available online. Based on the experience with patients’ digital access to their health record, the workshop will explore the rationale for designing the service: Is the ambition a digital copy of the full journal for all patients, and if not, what is the rationale for excluding certain groups or types of documents? The workshop aims to increase the knowledge in Europe regarding the patients’ access to their health record by discussing technical, legal, organizational, practical and cultural barriers for a service for all, as well as investigating possibilities for the future.

The workshop is targeting everyone who has experience with using, planning, implementing, or researching a service for patients’ digital access to their health record. The workshop, which is dependent on active participation in discussions, is open for EHIN-participants by special registration on a first come first served basis as there is a maximum number of places. Deadline for registration is 7 November. Participants will receive material prior to the workshop to read as a preparation for the workshop. The workshop is organized by the Norwegian Centre for e-health research and the DOME research consortium, coordinated by Uppsala University, Sweden.


10:00    Welcome and introduction. Scope and purpose of the workshop
10.30    Description of the service “Patients’ digital access to their health record”: How much information, which type of journal documents, to how many people, for how long time?
11.15     Who should have access? Introduction and discussion
12:15     Lunch
13:00     What type of journal documents should be provided? Introduction and discussion
14:00     On the limitations of the service: Technical, organizational, legal, cultural and practical. Introduction and discussion
15:00     Where are we in 2021? Plans for the future
15:45     Closing remarks


Further reading
The DOME consortium researches on Deployment of Online Medical records and E-health services. Read more about the Dome Consortium in Sweden at and styredokument/rapport (only in Swedish)

Read more about the development of the service in Northern Norway here , and at in Norwegian)


Practical information
The workshop is held in Oslo Spectrum 14 November 2016 from 10:00 – 16:00 in connection with the EHiN Future Health– European Telemedicine Conference 2016 (ETC). The workshop is free of charge for those registered at the EHIN – ETC 2016.

You have to sign up for the workshop here on a first come, first served basis. Last date for registration for the workshop is 7 November.

For questions, contact Tove Sørensen, Project Manager Digitale pasienttjenester i nord  Telephone: +47 911 95 696 or Eli Kristiansen, Project Manager for ETC


Tove Sørensen& Monika A JohansenNorwegian Centre for E-health Research

Åsa Cajander &  Jon Moll, Usability researchers , Uppsala University

Isabella Scandurra, Health Informatics Reseacher, Örebro University




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