Kristine Brevik

Kristine Brevik is a Project Manager in The Norwegian National Programme for Personal Connected Health and Care. She started as a Senior Advisor in 2013 at The Norwegian Directorate of Health, in Department of Community and Social Care Services, which is in Division of Primary Health Care Services.

Her current responsibilities are Service Development and Testing. Her work consists mainly of working with municipalities, health personnel and technology vendors in the national program, and to make sure that effects and results from the projects are made subject to countrywide dissemination and adoption. The resent assignment is to test remote care technologies for approx. 500 persons with various chronic diseases, run as four local projects by municipalities.

Kristine has more than 10 years experience in management in the health sector. From 2007 to 2011 she acted as head of Hammerfest Hospital and from 2011 to 2013 as Project manager for intermunicipal cooperation for the establishment of Moss region’s local medical center.

Kristine is trained as a Medical technician and worked for many years as an adviser in NOKLUS (Norwegian Quality Assessment Program for Laboratories outside hospitals)

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