ETC – Status on Implementation of Telemedicine in Europe

ETC gives you a status on the telemedicine implementation in Europe, through presentations from a number of European countries that have had large regional or national efforts to spread the use of telemedicine solutions on a large scale. The topics covered in this session will be: What are the overall experiences and the general approach to rolling out telemedicine? Which efforts have been the most successful and why? What are the main barriers for wide implementation?

Toni Dedeu: ‘Digital Health in Catalonia Beyond 2016’

Margaret Whoriskey:”Technology Enabled Care in Scotland – Policy to Delivery”

Susanne Duus “Status on Telemedicine in Denmark”

Kristine Brevik: “The National Approach to Remote Care Assistance of 400-500 Chronically Ill Persons in Four Regions in Norway”.


Location: ETC 1, room 6 Date: November 15, 2016 Time: 10:45 - 12:00 Margaret Whoriskey Toni Dedeu Susanne Duus Kristine Brevik