Opening in plenum day two

Grand opening of the second day of EHiN Future Health 2016 and European telemedicine Conference!

Moderator: Stine Camilla Bjerkestrand, Directorate of eHealth.

The second day of EHiN opens with a big hand of speakers.

First, Inga Marte Thorkildsen will tell on how the capital and biggest city in Norway, Oslo, works intensively on introducing new home care technology into there work flow.

The State Secretary for Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Paul Chaffey, will tell about how the local government can ointroduce ehealth. He is followed by the main opposition party, Ap, by their health specialist Torgeir Micaelsen.

Thereafter, Jon Helge Andersen from the Directorate og eHealth, will tell about the national program for home care technology.

Anne Lise Ryel from the Norwegian Cancer Society brings in the patient perspective.

CSAMs Sverre Flatby will tell about his experience on the Nordic eHealth Industry.

The last speaker is Sverre Fjelstad from McKinsey, who will shortly present the results of a report done on the Swedish healthcare market, with clear predictions on 2025.

In the end, flowing into the coffee break, there will be a short presentation of a telemedicine solution the Trondheim St. Olavs Hospital has for the oil platforms in the North Sea.



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