ETC – Validations on M-health Apps

Over 8 billion mobile devices, such as tablet computers, PDAs and smart phones, are in use today. Nearly 500 million people around the world use some form of health app on their mobile devices. Healthcare professionals can potentially leverage their patient’s interconnectedness. By accessing greater segments of society, this sub-segment of e-health has far reaching potential. It can allow healthcare practitioners and researchers to communicate and treat patients while allowing them to receive critical patient data in real-time.

We will hear from representatives of both EU and national m-health-validation models, which are still being developed. This session will end in an open discussion, during which we invite the audience to join the debate: how should these models be used by health authorities and the public to navigate the wide-world of health apps?

Guillaume Marchand : “M-health quality certification : an automated assessment platform powered by an open-source methodology”

Helge Blindheim: “Self-declaration of health apps in Norway – what happens?”
The Directorate of eHealth is running an official hearing regarding self-declaration of health apps in Norway. Industry organization, government institutions, academia and other actors have responded to the suggestions. The presentation will summarize the situation and introduce the road ahead. Important decisions are to made regarding the matter, which makes dialogue and information exchange very relevant. The presentation will also sum up other international initiatives on the matter, that are relevant for Norway.


Location: EHIN Velferdst., room 4 Date: November 16, 2016 Time: 13:00 - 14:15 Terje Peetso Joan Cornet Guillaume Marchand Helge Blindheim