ETC – Innovation Competition Final

See the latest innovations in telemedicine as the finalists, the categories of young innovators and new startups, will present their solutions to a professional jury in front of a live audience.  As an audience, you get the chance to vote and influence the decision of who will win the title ETC Innovation Award 2016. The jury […]

ETC – Validations on M-health Apps

Over 8 billion mobile devices, such as tablet computers, PDAs and smart phones, are in use today. Nearly 500 million people around the world use some form of health app on their mobile devices. Healthcare professionals can potentially leverage their patient’s interconnectedness. By accessing greater segments of society, this sub-segment of e-health has far reaching […]

ETC – Evaluation of Telemedicine – how and why?

How can the value of telemedicine be assessed to produce a basis for decision-making? Different methods, studies and problems are discussed: How to assess patients’ perception of telemedicine Pros and cons of randomized controlled trials in telemedicine Typical mistakes in economic evaluation of telemedicine Early stage prediction of effects How to design a study of […]