ETC – Evaluation of Telemedicine – how and why?

How can the value of telemedicine be assessed to produce a basis for decision-making? Different methods, studies and problems are discussed:

  • How to assess patients’ perception of telemedicine
  • Pros and cons of randomized controlled trials in telemedicine
  • Typical mistakes in economic evaluation of telemedicine
  • Early stage prediction of effects
  • How to design a study of the organizational aspects of telemedicine

Kristina Garne Holm: “How to use Participatory Design in Evaluation of Telemedicine”

Janet Hanley:  “How to Assess Clinical Outcomes of Telemedicine – the pros and cons of randomized controlled trials”

Trine Bergmo: “How to Measure Costs and Benefits of E-health Interventions?”

Iben Fasterholdt: “Early Assessment of the Potential of Innovative Technologies in Hospitals (EARTH)”


Moderator: Kristian Kidholm.


Location: ETC 1, room 6 Date: November 15, 2016 Time: 13:00 - 14:15 Kristina Garne Holm Iben Fasterholdt Trine Strand Bergmo Janet Hanley