EHiN – Day One Panel Debate: The Future of Healthcare

  Precision Medicine is a convergance of multiple collections of data. By taking into consideration individual health factors such as the patient’s environment, their lifestyle as well as their genes, medical professionals can identify more effective treatment approaches. With the help of five internationally renowned keynote speakers, this session will discuss the emerging approach of […]

Opening in plenum day one

The grand opening of EHiN Future Health 2016! The opening of the EHiN Future Health/ETC will be a firework of speakers! The EHiN and European Telemedicine Conference will have a joint opening with the Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, the leader of the South-East Health region, Cathrine Loftshus, and the Vice Mayor for seniors, […]

Opening in plenum day two

Grand opening of the second day of EHiN Future Health 2016 and European telemedicine Conference! Moderator: Stine Camilla Bjerkestrand, Directorate of eHealth. The second day of EHiN opens with a big hand of speakers. First, Inga Marte Thorkildsen will tell on how the capital and biggest city in Norway, Oslo, works intensively on introducing new […]