Opening in plenum day one

The grand opening of EHiN Future Health 2016!

The opening of the EHiN Future Health/ETC will be a firework of speakers! The EHiN and European Telemedicine Conference will have a joint opening with the Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, the leader of the South-East Health region, Cathrine Loftshus, and the Vice Mayor for seniors, health and social services in Oslo, Inga Marte Thorkildsen.

But they will not be alone. They will be accompanied by the robot NAO.

After that, there will be succession of exciting talks by the Minister, by the leader of the Directorate of Health, Christine Bergland.

Then Stein Olav Skrøseth will open the ETC, and IKT-Norges Heidi Austlid will represent the innovation by the vendors.

The leader of the South-East Health region, Cathrine Loftshus, will tell about the visions of this region.

Bjørn Erik Thon, the head of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, will tell us how to keep our informtion safe.

Last, but not least, Amy Cueva will wrap it up on how technology can meet people.

Don´t miss it!

Doors of Spektrum open at 8.00 and there will be enough coffee, tea and company to mingle and see the exhibition floor. The opening starts at 8.55 with beautiful violin tunes from Julie Alapnes.

The moderator of this session is Bjørn Myrvold.



EHiN Plenum