EHiN 3 – session E3: Gamification, The Power of Playing

Gamification in healthcare is gaining popularity to look for creative ways to engage patients.  In the broad perspective, game technologies is a means to improve health and the delivery of health care. It’s not yet clear whether this approach — mixing self-monitoring and entertainment — is yielding the type of traction and adoption that will […]

EHiN 3 – session D3: Strategy for Governing Integrated Healthcare

How can the Nordics as small countries drive their own digitalisation of healthcare? The moderator for this session is Kristian Fenger Sjøberg Moum, Directorate of eHealth 1. Digitizing healthcare in Sweden By Pia Hardy and Sverre Fjelstad, McKinsey McKinsey’s new report (“Värdet av digital teknik i den svenska vården”), suggests that systematically digitizing the country’s […]

EHiN 3 – session C3: Genetics, how to solve it

Genomic data, its classification, storage and eventual application will have significant impacts on not only patient treatment but numerous other fields. Every major field related to healthcare, such as research, local and national administrations, politics, insurance, digital health and the business of life science, will be affected. This session will debate the best practices for […]

EHiN 3 – session B3: Doctors in a distance

The bank is dead – long live the bank. Even though one seldom see a physical bank anymore the bank services is live. They are modern and up to date, up and running and available to everyone 24/7. If we need to speak to a real banker we hit the button in the app or […]

EHiN 3, Session A3: Public – Private Partnership in Healthcare

The public sector, including healthcare and welfare, is the backbone of the Norwegian welfare model. The traditional view is that every asset involved should be financed and run by the public sector themselves while being governed by national politics and democratic control. This becomes challenging to maintain when both the need and speed of change, […]