EHiN 3 – session C3: Genetics, how to solve it

Genomic data, its classification, storage and eventual application will have significant impacts on not only patient treatment but numerous other fields. Every major field related to healthcare, such as research, local and national administrations, politics, insurance, digital health and the business of life science, will be affected.

This session will debate the best practices for collection, storage, governance and use of patient gene information.

Moderator: Nard Schreurs, IKT-Norge

1. Genetics the Icelandic way

By Kári Steffánson, Decode, Iceland

2. Genomics  – the Nordic way

By Bogi Eliassen

Genomics is entering the health system and the individual person’s life. It will be followed by other omics and health relevant data and made usable for diagnoses, treatment, early detection and prevention – in a personal way that requires a new paradigm and legal frames on data sharing, ownership and anonymity. Our great challenge is to pave the way for a societal and personal resilient development for genomics.

3. The Norwegian Strategy for Personalised Medicine in Healthcare

By Kari Steig, Directorate of Health

The Norwegian Directorate of Health published this summer a National Strategy for Personalised Medicine in Healthcare. The overall aim of this strategy is to ensure coordinated building of expertise and coordinated knowledge based developments in the field of personlised medicine, and to pave the way for further research and innovation. New technology, including genetic testing, must be used in the best interest of the patient and we must ensure equal access to adequate diagnostics and treatment.

You can read the “Summary of The Norwegian Strategy for Personalised Medicine in Healthcare 2017-2021“.

EHiN 3
Location: EHiN 3, room 3 Date: November 15, 2016 Time: 14:45 - 16:00 Bogi Eliasen Kári Stefánsson Kari Steig