EHiN 3 – session D3: Strategy for Governing Integrated Healthcare

How can the Nordics as small countries drive their own digitalisation of healthcare?

The moderator for this session is Kristian Fenger Sjøberg Moum, Directorate of eHealth

1. Digitizing healthcare in Sweden

By Pia Hardy and Sverre Fjelstad, McKinsey

McKinsey’s new report (“Värdet av digital teknik i den svenska vården”), suggests that systematically digitizing the country’s healthcare system not only places it on a more sustainable cost trajectory, but also improves the quality of care.

2. To create real patient and citizen value, leverage the power of the municipalities!

By Johan Höglund, Vice President, Healthcare, Welfare & Education Nordic i Tieto

  • Tieto shares Nordic perspectives and case studies on how the inclusion of municipalities, through integrated healthcare & welfare projects, have been the key to create a holistic ecosystem and release true benefit for the patients and the citizens.
  • Get inspired by how new technology in ecosystem with partners, citizens, medical staff and the authorities creates efficient, flexible and robust solutions that will match the future needs.

3.National governance for e-health in Norway

By Inga Nordberg, Division Director for Governance and Standardisation in the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth.

Directorate of eHealth presents the national governance model for eHealth in Norway and reflections on how it has contributed to greater coordination of national eHealth development in Norway. The governance model is comprised of advisory boards with representation from all parts of the healthcare sector as well as a set of national processes that these boards are involved in, like among others strategy and portfolio management.


EHiN 3
Location: EHiN 3, room 3 Date: November 16, 2016 Time: 10:45 - 12:00 Pia Hardy Sverre Fjeldstad Johan Höglund Inga Nordberg