EHiN 3, Session A3: Public – Private Partnership in Healthcare

The public sector, including healthcare and welfare, is the backbone of the Norwegian welfare model. The traditional view is that every asset involved should be financed and run by the public sector themselves while being governed by national politics and democratic control.

This becomes challenging to maintain when both the need and speed of change, innovation and digitalization is included. Should we close our eyes and hope that we will manage, putting up with the risk of parallel systems being built? Or is there another way? Can public-private partnerships help us cope in a better way and move forward both faster and better?

Moderator: Fredrik Syversen, IKT-Norge

  1. Strategic alliances and relational contracts in digitalization of health services.

By Roar Jakobsen and Oddgeir Hvidsten, Sykehuspartner

In this presentation, Roar and Oddgeir will explain why the use of public-private partnerships in Norwegian eHealth initiatives will increase in the coming years. From their role as researchers, they will contribute to a better understanding of contractual challenges and managerial solutions in this sector.

2. “Working with 380.000 eHealth patients…..and the state”

By John Creed, Patientsky

How can companies in the private sector improve patient care in the healthcare sector through innovative use of information technology.

3. On innovation and lightweight IT

By Bendik Bygstad, Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo

We see two kinds of innovation roads. The “heavyweight IT” is building on infrastructure with integrated systems solutions. “Lightweight IT” has become an alternative innovation arena, building on commercially available technology. We look at how these two environments can interact better, partly based on the FIGI-project in the Health South East region.



EHiN 3
Location: EHiN 3, room 3 Date: November 15, 2016 Time: 10:45 - 12:00 Roar Jakobsen Oddgeir Hvidsten John Creed Bendik Bygstad