– IT will dramatically change the way healthcare is delivered

15th – 16th November: EHiN Future Health 2016 is Norway’s largest conference for e-health, in Oslo Spektrum. We interviewed one of our speakers, Leonard Witkamp, on what he does and why he chose to attend EHiN-FH 16.

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Leonard WitkampWho are KSYOS?

KSYOS TeleMedical Centre is a health institution, solely delivering health care with the means of eHealth. In The Netherlands, KSYOS is active all over the country and with over 6.000 general practitioners (70% of all GP’s) and 2.500 medical specialists and 2.500 paramedics contracted servicing over 250.000 patients in 2016. KSYOS has become one of the major health institutions in the country in terms of health workers contracted. KSYOS is active now in The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Germany, Switserland and France.


What is your thoughts on IT in the health sector, how is it transforming the quality, safety, access and cost-effectiveness of health and healthcare?

Intelligent internet – eHealth – will contribute to increased efficiency in healthcare delivery leading ro changed working roles, prevention and education. It brings high quality hospital based knowledge to local communities. This increases the quality of care for the patient and reduces the waiting and travelling time for the patient. Finally, it will dramatically change the way healthcare is delivered, comparable to banks, retail and travel industry.


What has your journey with KSYOS taught you so far?

It is really possible to develop, investigate and implement TeleMedicine services that enable health workers to deliver care close to the patient in a quick and efficient way with the means of IT (Internet). KSYOS started with TeleConsultation in 2005, followed by TeleDiagnostics in 2008 en TeleMonitoring in 2012. As a health institution, KSYOS has the treatment relation with the patient together with her contracted health workers and is paid for het health services by insurance companies and care groups. KSYOS is the Airbnb of healthcare.


Any thing else you would like to share?

Scaling to innovation follows the money, i.e, payment. It really worries me that upscaling of proven eHealth services is still hampered by payers: governments and health insurers.


Thank you for the interview, Mr. Witkamp!