Elin Børøsund

Elin Børøsund is currently a post doctoral fellow at the Center for Shared Decision Making and Collaborative Care Research at Oslo University Hospital (OUS) (http://spsresearch.no/).

Børøsund has worked for several years as a nurse and leader at OUS, and has since 2008 been involved in project management and eHealth research. For her PhD (2015) she studied the uptake, use and effectiveness of eHealth interventions, including the opportunity for patients and their health care providers to communicate through secure email.

All of Børøsund’s previous and ongoing projects are performed in close collaboration with users of the eHealth systems. She has been working closely with patient representatives and health care providers in developing and testing self-management support and communication systems.

Recently, Børøsund is the project administrator of a project developing and testing an app for stress management among cancer patients. In addition, she is heading up projects developing and testing symptom report and new communication systems between patients and providers prior to, or between, consultations. The focus here is how to best integrate these systems into clinical practice.

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