Andrew Watson

Dr. Andrew Watson is a fourth generation surgeon and the sixth in his family.  He earned his Master’s degree at the University of Oxford studying architectural history.  He attended medical school at Columbia University in New York and returned to Pittsburgh for surgical training and minimally invasive fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  He is an actively practicing colorectal surgeon at UPMC specializing in laparoscopic approaches inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), working in the IBD medical home. He actively uses telemedicine in his practice for all types of surgical encounters.

Dr. Watson works across UPMC in the Health Services Division, International Division and Insurance Services Division. He is focused on global healthcare business development and information technologies. Currently he is a Vice-President of the UPMC International Division. His focus is the Nordic region. His work for the UPMC Insurance Services focus on consumer focused well- and sick-care innovation and virtual delivery. He is leading a 2-year remote monitoring enterprise-wide deployment which involves operational design, clinical deployment and a UPMC Enterprises engagement.

He is a global speaker on healthcare transformation. He serves as Vice-President of the American Telemedicine Association board. He is currently working with UPMC International and Bearing Point with a focus on the Nordic region.

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