Toni Dedeu

Dr Toni Dedeu graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona. He is a Family Medicine doctor and holds a diploma in Urology.  He earned an MSc in Primary Health Care from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain; an MSc in Healthcare Management from the University of Manchester, UK and an MSc in Health Economics from University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. Furthermore, he has been involved in various doctoral programmes in Spain and in the UK.

He has more than 15 years’ experience in management in the health sector. He worked extensively on the design and implementation of primary healthcare reform in various European countries and also contributed with the design and implementation of the eHealth strategy and Community Care in Catalonia.

In the last twelve years he has been participating in the implementation of primary care, health services redesign and implementation of health technology agencies in various countries in the former Soviet Union, such as The Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Central Asian countries, and in South Asia in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh as well. He is the former International Officer of the Spanish Family and Community Medicine Society (semFYC) and member of the Wonca World and Wonca Europe Council, (Wonca: World Association of Family Doctors). He has held various management posts in the health care system in Catalonia.

Dr Dedeu has been the Director and Senior Officer of International Affairs of the Ministry of Health of Catalonia for four years and in this role he was the lead person for international affairs for the regional Ministry of Health of Catalonia. He has combined a national and international career, and has worked for many years in various countries in healthcare and managerial related posts.

Dr Dedeu is a visiting lecturer in several universities in Europe and has published papers in high impact factor specialised journals and has also been co-author in various books in international health systems analysis. He is a regular speaker in international conferences and has participated in various European Commission research projects as principal investigator. His main research interests are health systems, integrated care, chronic care, community care, public health, eHealth and health and social care innovation.

Dr Dedeu has been is employed by the University of Edinburgh and he held the post of Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange of the Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI) in Scotland, UK. DHI is a public agency, consortia between the University of Edinburgh, the Glasgow School of Arts and the NHS 24. DHI is an innovation centre in health and social care and follows the quadruple helix model working jointly with the Scottish Government in innovation, redesign and co-production of health and care services and contributing to other governmental strategic priorities such as the next generation digital records or the health and social care integration and also developing evaluation and assessment tools for various health programmes of the Scottish Government.

Dr Dedeu has been one of the co-ordinators of the European Commission initiative ‘European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing in Integrated Care’. He is the Chair of EUREGHA (European Association for Regional and Local Health Authorities) based in Brussels, Belgium. EUREGHA’s focus is in health policy and public health at European level. Within EUREGHA, Dr Dedeu leads the Integrated Care and eHealth work streams. He is also an active member of numerous international associations such as the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) and the International Health Economics Association (IHEA) among others. Dr Dedeu has been collaborating with the WHO in various programmes and recently he has been invited as expert by the WHO European Region in the development of the ‘Framework for Action in the context of the European Policy Health 2020 Implementation’.

Currently, Dr Dedeu has been appointed Director of the Agency for Quality and Assessment (AQuAS) of the Regional Ministry of Health of Catalonia, Spain.

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