EHiN 1 – session C1: Interoperability

Interoperability between clinical information systems is of upmost importance. Moderator: Eirik Nicolai Arnesen, Special Advisor at Den norske legeforening 1. Clinical decision support in the postmodern EHR By Tomas Nordheim Alme DIPS The success of real time clinical decision support depends heavily on interoperability between clinical information systems. While most vendors can demonstrate clinical decision […]

EHiN 1 – session B1: Design for Healthcare

Digitalization in public sector drives new needs and demands for IT systems. We need to move from a GUI (graphical user interface) approach to a UX (usability experience) approach. In every system and across systems. In this session we will hear about how to improve the user experience – e.g. to make the systems self […]

EHiN 1 – Session A1: Citizen Services

Moderator: Nis Johansen, Helse Sør Øst. 1. Patients’ experiences with reading their medical records By Torunn Wibe, Centre for Development of Institutional and Home Care Services, Oslo municipality Recent legislation in many countries has given patients the right to access their medical records. Making health care professionals’ assessments and decisions more transparent by giving patients […]

EHiN 1 – session F1: Prevention and motivation

The moderator for this session is Helge Blindheim, Directorate of eHealth. 1.The future health continuum of dementia By Wencke van der Meijden, KPMG Norway In Norway and many other western countries, 1 in 5 people develop dementia. The current reality is that dementia impacts the individual and the family severely and consumes a huge share of […]