EHiN 1 – session C1: Interoperability

Interoperability between clinical information systems is of upmost importance.

Moderator: Eirik Nicolai Arnesen, Special Advisor at Den norske legeforening

1. Clinical decision support in the postmodern EHR

By Tomas Nordheim Alme DIPS

The success of real time clinical decision support depends heavily on interoperability between clinical information systems. While most vendors can demonstrate clinical decision support within data silos, real time clinical decision support across data sources is hard to implement. In this presentation we will see how standardized rules and queries can be implemented on top of an OpenEHR based clinical repository, opening up for a new era of interoperability.

2. The Shift to Digital Health and the Era of Population Health

By Femi Ladega, Chief Technology Officer, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

Health systems in most countries clearly recognize the potential of digital health, yet e-health programs have delivered only modest returns in quality, efficiency or better patient outcomes. Ambitious e-health initiatives focus on providing actionable information to clinicians, but often struggle with the legacy systems that impede data integration. The solution is a digital services platform that holds healthcare data and optimizes data access, enabled with APIs and common IT services for identity, access and consent management. This digital health platform could serve as the basis for an ecosystem of digital-health services innovation by certified third parties and could be steered by the respective health systems. It could revolutionize health-service use and delivery, help health systems bend the cost curve, and usher in an era of contextualized information that could be called “Healthcare 3.0.”

3. Connecting the healthcare ecosystem through open platform and collaboration.

By Amanda Green, Cerner, and Mikael Rinnetmäki, Sensotrend

“Health IT platforms must be open….The quality of being open is what allows independent developers to build “apps” and extensions that work with existing health IT platforms”.

Neal Patterson, Founder and CEO, Cerner Corporation.

Hear how Cerner’s Open Developer Experience ( is accelerating an open community of innovation. Mikael Rinnetmäki, founder of Sensotrend describes their participation in Cerner’s Open Developer Experience initiative, and how they integrate their diabetes application, developed in Finland, in Cerner’s global EHR platform.

EHiN 1
Location: EHiN 1, room 1 Date: November 15, 2016 Time: 14:45 - 16:00 Tomas Nordheim Alme Femi Ladega Amanda Green Mikael Rinnetmäki