JOIN US AT Data & Genomics – Realising the Nordic “Data Goldmine”

October 4th 2016, Week of Health and Innovation, Odense Congress Center, Denmark

The conference, hosted by Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, focuses on how data & genomics will revolutionise the public and private health sector, medicine and life science as we know it today!

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Data & Genomics will largely impact patients, research, local, regional and national administrations and politics, the business of life science, insurance, citizens, digital health and much more as you can see in this animation video:

We need to address how to prepare for the challenges, how to tackle the must win battles and how to benefit from the new opportunities the data and genomic revolution is opening for citizens, society and business – and how the “Data Goldmine” in the Nordic countries can optimize the emerging health models.

Join us for this exclusive must attend event where we address the opportunities and challenges of the Data & Genomics revolution and become a part of the realisation of the Nordic Data Goldmine in the new health paradigm.

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