Computas: Sponsors and creators of the EHiN app!

We are proud to have Computas as one of our sponsors, and to have them develop the conference app for EHiN Future Health 2016! We asked Trude Nordby-Bøe, Senior Advisor Health at Computas, a few questions about the app and their participation.

mob_ehin_session_720Who are Computas, and what is your relation to e-health?

Computas is a international IT solutions provider, we are based in Norway, delivering solutions all over the world. We deliver services and solutions for work processes and collaboration. Our core competence is systems development, architecture and integration, project management and consulting. We have unique experience, deliver high quality in all projects and work closely with customers to make the best solutions.

The health care system in Norway is changing and there is a need for smart solutions that can ensure quality and improve the efficiency of health services. The key to solving these challenges are through better use of IT. We are prepared to contribute with our expertise and our solutions aimed at patients and health care workers.

We have delivered everything from work process solutions to apps to help the health sector to work more efficiently and patiens to have better safety.     

What healthcare solutions do Computas deliver?

For the Health Care Sector we focus on Information technology solutions and innovation to improve patient safety, we are building a top modern Quality System for the future of health care services. This is an innovative project making a new way of storing and sharing governing documents which contains regulations and requirements that the health care services need to prove compliance. This gives the opportunity to measure and follow up compliance in connection to all kinds of unintended events and improvement processes. This is done through risk analyses and implementation of measures that are collected in action plans for a certain business area. All the processes are collected in the same system and connected to the requirements from the steering documents trough organizational units and subject areas. In this way it`s possible for the management to follow up the status on both lower levels and aggregated levels within and between hospitals. The solution has a  great potential for collaboration of improvement work between different parts of the health care services.

Computas has developed apps (Min Medisin, NLAto help both medical professionals and end users. We are also partners for an m-Health solution to support patients with mental health problems.


What can we expect from you on EHiN-FH?

EHiN-FH is the most important meeting place for eHealth in Norway for knowledge sharing and it is therefore important for us to participate at this event, both as partners and by presenting some of our work in the session Innovation in Hospitals  at the conferenceIda Norman who works as an advisor and project manager is going to be speaking about patient safety, more specifically about “Increased patient security obtained through a holistic quality approach”. Computas is introducing a system that supports a more proactive approach to potential deviation detection that could significantly increase patient security.

At our stand we are going to be presenting our Quality System, mentioned above, our Health apps and our Conference app, Computas EXPO app. We also have a competition at our stand with great prices and a great team to welcome you and your questions. Lets meet for a quick chat!

mob_ehin_intro2_720So Trude, what can we expect from the EHiN app?

Computas has designed and developed this years Conference app for EHiN-FH 2016. We can promise you a great experience by using our Conference app at EHiN-FH! Download from App Store or Google Play ahead of the conference, pick your favorite sessions from the program and you will have your own customised conference program in your pocket! Follow all news and discussions in a Twitter feed for the conference included in the app and check out details about each speaker and other attendees at the conference. Also: enjoy our userfriendly, awesome design!

Sounds like something you would like for your next conference? Check it out in a couple of weeks!