Wencke van der Meijden

Wencke van der Meijden is Head of Healthcare at KPMG Norway.

Wencke has been working as a consultant in health care her whole career. Wencke has experience in all the main health care sectors – care, cure, insurance companies and the government. She has great passion for improving health care together with medical professionals. The last several years she has led large projects on quality improvement, innovation and redesigning healthcare.

Wencke has an academic background in Health Science. She has obtained two Master degrees, in Health Economics and in International Health Policy & Law, both from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She started her career at Plexus, one of the first consultancy companies that was specialized in improving the quality and effectiveness of care. In 2011 Plexus became part of KPMG. Currently, Wencke is responsible for the health care sector in Norway and the coordinating the Nordic network.

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