Undine Knarvik

Undine Knarvik works as a researcher and Project Manager within e-health. She holds a master’s degree in social anthropology. Knarvik has been employed at the centre since August 2000. With 16 years of experience in the field, she has built up broad expertise in telemedicine and e-health.

In Knarvik’s current position as researcher, she prepares knowledge summaries and participate in follow-up research assignments. The work relates to the welfare technology area with a focus on children and young people with disabilities, as well as focus on technologies that encourage safety and coping, inside and outside the Nordic Region. Knarvik has worked with investigation, mapping and evaluation since the very start of her career at the centre. This includes participation in the Norwegian Directorate of E-health’s project to examine international experience in the assessment of “”One citizen – one record””.

Knarvik has been and is internationally active through her membership in the WHO CCs working group and her one-year leadership of the initiative. During the same period, she participated in the preparation of “e-health strategy recommendations for the Czech Republic””. Other international activities include her work as an international consultant within e-health and telemedicine, with a residency in Berlin, as a member of the international advisory panel PREVE (Prevention of Disease) and as a member of the ETHEL Task Force Telemedicine. Knarvik also contributes to the preparation of applications and projects, and works as a project manager in the EU project as well as coordinator for the national 3P project (Patients and Professional Partnership).

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