Pia Munkholm

Pia Munkholm, MD, DMSci is consultant of internal medicine and gastroenterology at North Zealand University Hospital, Copenhagen. She is head of DCCD, Danish Crohn Colitis Database a national registry and regional leader of the out-patient clinic at the gastroenterology scientific department at North Zealand Hospital, where web-based treatment solutions in IBD has been implemented and continuously are being developed, Head of ECCO EpiCom, Epidemiology Committee of European Crohn Colitis Organisation.

Dr. Munkholm received her medical degree from the University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Munkholm is active member of many professional organisations, including the AGA, American Gastroenterology Association, Fellowship of AGA, the ECCO, European Crohn Colitis Organisation and the EC-IBD, European Collaboration in Inflammatory Bowel Disease where numerous PhDs were mentored in Denmark and Europe. She has been contributing in ECCO consensus 2006 and 2007 with special focus on Pregnancy and IBD. She has served in boards of various private as public funding. She is member of the Danish patient organization counselling board CCF, Crohn Colitis Foundation and former member of Danish Gastroenterology Society. Received the Nanna Svarts Price 1994 and the honourable collegial prize from Danish Society of Gastroenterology in 2005.

Dr. Munkholm’s doctoral thesis 1997: “Crohn’s disease-occurrence, course and prognosis. An epidemiologic cohort study” describes a Danish unselected cohort during 25 years. The definition of steroid dependency is partly the basis of many Infliximab studies.

Dr. Munkholm has served as referee in numerous journals, including Gut, Gastroenterology, New England Journal of Medicine, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Furthermore counselling and validating for Broad Foundation, USA.

Her main topics of research are epidemiology, pattern recognition of disease courses, eHealth in gastroenterology and hepaology, IBD Therapy and genetics.

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