Marc Lange

Marc Lange has a Master degree in Law, option business and European Law.

Marc Lange is observing the progress of eHealth in Europe since 2003, from discovery to adoption and now to deployment.

Thanks to his position as Secretary General of EHTEL, he is facilitating and contributing to exchange of good practice workshops and conferences involving eHealth experts from everywhere in Europe and beyond. He is also participating in EU-funded or co-funded projects at the occasion of which he contributes to collect, organise, synthesise and disseminates new knowledge and lessons learned on various topics related to eHealth, mHealth and telehealth, ranging from interoperable infrastructure to service redesign enabled by the technology. His today priority is about method and tools that enable assessing the impact of eHealth services and help to successfully deploy them in routine care.

As Secretary General of EHTEL since 2005, Marc Lange is in charge of managing the daily operations of the association (including in their legal, financial and staffing aspects) and developing new business opportunities to reinforce the sustainability of the association. He reports directly to the Board of Director. This position also includes the analysis of strategic opportunities for the association, their discussion with the Board and the execution of Board decisions. He is furthermore contributing as experts in various European Projects the association is engaged in.

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