Jørn Skaaraas

Jørn Skaaraas has a Master Degree in Computer Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), with focus on self-service solutions and usability. He started his career in developing software fifteen years ago, always with the focus on usability and how users can embrace new and innovative technology to make life easier and more efficient. Jørn has years of experience as solution architect for critical public systems, and as Director of Application Development for a larger IT consultancy company working with ideas of innovation based on IT. As Head of Web Development for Komplett Group he got to work with robotic systems and usability for Norways largest e-commerce solution.

Jørn is now Department Manager and Business Developer at Sopra Steria. Currently he is working as a project owner for an innovative project using Microsoft HoloLens for visualization at Oslo University Hospital. In this project, they are using HoloLens to bring out 3D models of organ scans to bring information to the sergeants in a more natural, and hopefully with improved usability, to improve planning of cancer surgery. Jørns interest in the subject started back in 2012, after testing prototypes of the technology at Microsofts research centre in Redmon, USA. Through 2016, he has had a team of developers working with Microsoft HoloLens and the technologies behind it. Sopra Steria was one of the first companies in Norway that got hold of the HoloLens device. Being able to use technology like HoloLens to interact naturally, without being limited by small 2D screens and non-human interactions like tapping on screens and keyboards has been the ground base of this work. Being able to anchor virtual elements in the physical world opens a range of ideas and possibilities.

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