Workshop on Change Management and Precision Medicine

By Harold Wolf, Director and Firm Leader, Digital Health and Precision Medicine Strategies.

Harold (Hal) Wolf is a Director with The Chartis Group and National Leader for its Information and Digital Health Strategy practice. With nearly 35 years of experience, Mr. Wolf is respected internationally as a healthcare and informatics executive. He leads the firm in supporting providers and healthcare organizations in the development of integrated information, Digital Health and Precision Medicine Practices.

In this high level strategic workshop these subjects will come up:

  • Investment in Innovation
  • Change Management in health systems
  • Changing Consumer Expectation of Healthcare Globally
  • Precision Medicine and its impact on care, patients and clinicians

The workshop is meant for leaders in Norwegian Healthcare, to give them a better insight in the aspects of change manegement into the future of healthcare.

The workshop will take approximately two hours. Max. 25 participants.

Location: TBA Date: November 16, 2016 Time: 10.50 - 13.00 Harold Wolf English