Hospital visit Sunnaas Hospital

We have the pleasure to invite you to Sunnaas Hospital, one of Europe’s largest specialist hospitals for medical rehabilitation. Sunnaas Hospital has since the 1990’s worked with telemedicine solutions for their patient groups and has successfully integrated telemedicine in their services and are considered one of the best Norwegian hospitals on polyclinical telemedicine, remote monitoring, and home monitoring.

Sunnaas Hospital has, since 2011, seriously pursued advancements in innovation and development to strengthen and professionalize this work. The innovation portfolio consists of project involving movements, cognition, patient security, technology, e-health and gamification.

Geographically the hospital is situated in Nesodden. The travel to the hospital is fastest done be ferry through Oslofjorden to Nesodden.


What: Hospital visit to Sunnaas Hospital

Where: Nesoddtangen, departure from Aker brygge at 1333. Bus takes us to the hospital from the Nesodden dock. Arrival at Aker Brygge at 1643.

When: 14 November at 1333 – 1643.

Who: Open for everybody with an entrance to EHiN/ETC. Travel cost not included and must be purchased separately at public transportation kiosks. All participants will travel together and be guided by one of our staff.

How: Register for the hospital visit here. Last date for registration Friday 11 Nov.

Programme for the day:

13.33 Ferry from Aker Brygge

14.00 Bus to Sunnaas

14.10 Meeting in the reception of Sunnaas

14.15  Welcome to Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital – Head of cooperation Kirsten Sæther

14.20Innovation at Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital – Head of Innovation Sveinung Tornås

14.30 The Journey of Telemedicine at Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital; Why have we succeeded? Special advisor Telemedicine Hilde Sørli

15.00, Go to the workshops

15.15 Workshops (30 min):

  1. Visit at the Virtual Rehabilitation Lab, practical demonstration and discussions
  2. Visit one of the Telemedicine studios, practical demonstration and discussions

15.50 End of the visit

16.02 Bus to the ferry

16.43 Back in Oslo

EHiN General ETC 1 ETC 2, Scientific
Location: Date: November 14, 2016 Time: 13:00 - 17:00